TYPES OF COVER Tranquillité
N° 6489
Tranquillité CB
N° 6490
Cancellation X X
Missed Departure X X
Impossible Departure X X
Delayed flight X X
Luggage X X
Repatriation Assistance X X
Trip and Activities Interruption X X
Compensation trip X X
Civil Liability X X
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To consult the General Conditions of your travel insurance :



10 good reasons to take out travel insurance

  • Benefits and coverages specifically designed for travelling with peace of mind.
  • Insurances packages to meet your needs.
  • Help available 24 hours/day and 7days/week wherever you are: +33 1 55 98 57 11.
  • Medical helpdesk based in France.
  • In the event of a claim, the reimbursement period is 48 hours for a complete file.
  • A website for filing a claim and tracking your claim online.
  • A specific telephone line for information about your claim file: +33 5 32 09 21 81.
  • A dedicated telephone for any questions you may have about your insurance policy: +33 5 32 09 21 80.
  • Trained and specialised teams ready to help you.
  • Why take out travel insurance ?

    Travel insurance protects you against any risks before and during your trip. You will be helped and supported by real professionals in the event of a problem and may receive compensation (provided that the reason is covered under our General Conditions).

  • Can I take out insurance at any time ?

    You should take out travel insurance the day you buy your trip and therefore prior to the cancellation fee invoicing date. If you have to cancel your trip without having taken out insurance, you will have to pay fro some (if not all) of the cancelled services.

  • Where can I get more information about insurance ?

    For more information, you can consult the General Conditions of Insurance available in the “Useful documents” page of the website. You can also contact your travel advisor or our customer service team on +33 5 32 09 21 80

  • What is an excess?

    If you are making a claim, it the amount you must pay yourself. You can find the excesses for each cover in the Table of Covers” provided in the General Conditions.

  • Who should I contact in the event of cancellation ?

    If you have taken out the "Tranquilité Carte Bancaire” policy, you must declare any claim to your bank card insurance company as soon as you learn of the event requiring coverage prior to submitting any claim under to this policy.

    You must file your claim within 5 working days and notify your travel advisor.
    Three ways to file your trip cancellation claim :

    1. -Via your travel advisor who will file it for you
    2. -On this website page "File a claim"
    3. -Or at the following address : gestionassurance@assurinco.com
  • Will I receive information about my policy ?

    After you have taken out a policy, you will receive an email, at the same time as confirmation of your subscription, containing your policy number and the General and Special Conditions.
    You will receive a text message 24 hours before your departure including your policy number and the number to call in the event of an emergency.

  • Who should I contact in the event of a medical problem ?

    You should immediately contact the helpdesk available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here is the contact information :
    From France : 01 55 98 57 11
    From abroad : +33 (0)1 55 98 57 11
    By email : medical@mutuaide.fr

  • Who decides a medical repatriation ?

    In the event of a medical problem at your place of stay, the MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE's doctors will contact the medical team taking care of you to collect all the relevant information concerning your injury/illness. According to the medical requirements, MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE will decide your repatriation and organise it as well as the associated costs.

  • What should I do f I have to pay medicals expenses ?

    1. Call MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE immediately (01 55 98 57 11 or +33 (0)1 55 98 57 11), to open a file and be eligible for reimbursement.
    2. As soon as you return, send your receipts and documents to your Social security establishment and your mutual insurance company and/or any other healthcare insurer. Keep all your hospital, doctor and medication receipts...
    3. Then send these receipts and documents, after reimbursement by the different agencies, to MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE.
  • I have to interrupt my trip for a medical reason. Can I be reimbursed for the services I haven’t used ?

    We reimburse you on a pro-rata basis for costs of the trip already paid and not used (not including transport) with effect from the night following the event leading to repatriation on medical grounds.


    You may also receive a compensation trip equivalent to the value of the original ticket or transport. For more details, please see our General Conditions.

    What you should do:

    • Contact MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE as soon as the incident occurs to organise your repatriation or early return
    • Send your request for a trip interruption costs file to ASSURINCO as soon as you return
  • Who should I contact in the event of a claim (other than medical problems) ?

    You must file your claim within 5 working days. Three options :

    1. -On this website page "File a claim"
    2. -to the following address : gestionassurance@assurinco.com
    3. -by telephone : 05 32 09 21 81
  • What is the reimbursement period ?

    In the event of a claim, we will reimburse you within 48 hours for each complete file ! (for which the cover is acquired in accordance with the provisions of the insurance policy).

  • What documentary evidence do I have to provide in the event of a claim ?

    When making a claim (on this website or by email to sinistre@assurinco.com) you will immediately receive an email listing the documents to provide. Two ways to send us your supporting documents :

    1. -On this website page "View a claim"
    2. -to the following address : gestionassurance@assurinco.com
  • How do I check the status of my claim file ?

    Three ways to consult your claim :

    1. -On this website page "View a claim"
    2. -to the following address : gestionassurance@assurinco.com
    3. -by telephone : 05 32 09 21 81